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Cost reduction on IT equipment

The demand for networking equipment increases year over year. Users demand for more speed and more capacity. This growth model requires high IT budget which affect your financial pockets. We have an IT standardisation policy that is the anser for your cost reduction topic.

We supply used, unused and even new equipment at high discount rates. Young models from top brands which are intensely tested along our quality standards. We buy surplus stock mostly from ISP / ASP, distributors and even manufacturers. With our financial strength and international trade contacts we build a large stock of perfect equipment that we can offer at a low price.

We do our utmost to ensure you that you spend your money on good quality routers, switches, laptops, transceivers or servers. We focus on top brands, not only because of the excellent quality, but also because of its long technical lifecycle.

The 7 benefits:

    • discounts up to 80%
    • 1 year warranty
    • extensive testing program
    • Large server stock
    • fast delivery
    • professional staff
    • technical support