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Services & support

We sell used routers, switches and servers with service and warranty packs. Please contact our staff about the articles, stock position and service we can offer you.

The 5 key success factors:

1) technical skilled staff

2) speed in all we do

3) intense testing process on incoming servers and routers

4) we don’t refurbish broken products, we separate these from our trade process

5) focus on used products with good quality

Concerning our product strategy we repeat our vision:

1) focus on top brands

2) focus on limited number of models on which we can setup a solid stock circulation

3) focus on limited number of models for superior product knowledge

Procedure when we sell

Procedure when we buy

The 7 benefits:

    • discounts up to 80%
    • 1 year warranty
    • extensive testing program
    • Large server stock
    • fast delivery
    • professional staff
    • technical support