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Used Cisco routers

We offer you cost saving trade offerings for IT hardware. We are daily buying and trading used Cisco routers. You can contact our office for used Cisco routers at major discounts compared to new hardware. We concentrate on quality and customer satisfaction. All used Cisco routers are tested according to our selection criteria.

Our customers like our discounts on used Cisco routers, even up to 80% off the original list price. But once they get to know us better, our clients value even more:
  • » the product quality
  • » technical skills
  • » warranty
  • » speed in all we do
  • » our stock level

Focus on used Cisco routers

We are an international IT reseller of top brands, specialised in cost saving solutions. Next to used Cisco routers, we also sell switches, servers, etc. Concerning routers and switches we focus at used Cisco. There are many other brands we could trade but we concentrate on used Cisco routers for the following arguments:
  • » top quality
  • » Cisco training certificates
  • » excellent stock circulation of used Cisco routers age 0 – 3 years

Practical information about used Cisco routers

Our sales engineers are happy to support you with used Cisco routers, prices, technical details, services and product benefits. We feel committed to support you getting the right model at a good price with a warranty as safety tool. Please fill in the contact form or look on this website about further information about: