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Why used Cisco routers

You have your IT infrastructure full of Cisco network equipment. You need extra models:
  • » to replace damaged equipment
  • » to add for your growth model
  • » as extra spare
  • » in your test lab
  • » for redundant networking

Some clients invest in new equipment with the latest technology. Many other companies are very satisfied with the used Cisco routers. 1,2 or 3 year aged routers have excellent performance for most IT environments. In most cases you don’t just save on this single product. But we enable you to continue with your existing routers, switches and servers for many years longer than you scheduled.

We even service used Cisco routers that might not even be services by Cisco anymore. Due to the End of Live policy of Cisco, companies might feel urged to search for new products. But Infotheek can serve you in this case. We sell, buy and service used Cisco routers all over Europe.

The benefit of taking a brand such as Cisco for a second hand router, is that the product quality history is outstanding. The durability risk is small and the performance of 1,2,3 year old Cisco is still perfect.