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Stock circulation Storage & Networking equipment

Our customers demand low prices and the availability of the Cisco routers they use, in perfect shape. This sets sharp requirements on our stock of used Cisco routers, in terms of:
  • » quantity: to supply your desired model quickly
  • » quality: to achieve customer satisfaction
  • » efficiency: to realise cost savings

There are 2 major factors how we succeed to offer excellent value for money every day of the week: stock circulation and economies of scale.

Stock circulation

The business risk of each reseller of used Cisco routers is that they invest a lot of money in buying stock which they cannot sell. Once the products get too old, the demand for it will end. This creates surplus stock which hurts the cost factor.

We apply a focus strategy. We concentrate on top brands with dynamic stock circulation. In other words we don’t buy and sell each model. This is also our strategy concerning printers, laptops and servers.

We buy surplus stocks from IT distributors, telecom companies, ISPs, Asps and regular companies, along with our quality criteria. And the stock circulation is running efficiently if the supply matches the demand.