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Second hand blade server

Would you like to buy or sell second hand blade servers? We are an European reseller in second hand blade servers from top brands such as HP ProLiant. We integrate quality, service and speed with major discounts. Please check the main arguments why you trade with us for a second hand server:
  • » solid quality inspection
  • » active stock of servers
  • » quality brands such as HP ProLiant
  • » warranty on all second hand blade servers
  • » major cost savings
  • » second hand blade, rack and tower server

Our technical staff is happy to serve you. Most of our customers perfectly understand what second hand blade server they need, as they already use this device right now or they perfectly studies the product models.

We buy and sell second hand blade servers

We have a strong stock circulation on second hand blade servers. We buy surplus stock on IT equipment from distributors, manufacturers, ASP / ISP or end users. Please e-mail us if you have surplus stock and you like a quote from us for your blade server. Do take into consideration we don’t purchase all models. We focus on quality blade server models from which we know that there is enough market demand.

We buy and sell the following second hand blade servers:

For other models you can ask us.